Outlook 2003/2007 - how to propagate shared folder permissions to existing subfolders

We had a manager going away for 5 weeks and another manager was going to take over their email while they're away. We planned to use the 'Delegate" feature within the Exchange mailbox. When enabled the 2nd manager could on see the top level folder - not any of the subfolders.

The problem was that, there were about 100 individual subfolders which each need to have permissions to allow the 2nd manager to see their contents.
According to articles on the web, there is a solution which utilises exchange features - hence I need admin access to the exchange server.
Now , I don't have admin access.

Follow up:

I got the idea for this workaround from a colleague who advised they imported some folders a while back. After importing, the folders had all assumed the permissions of the parent folder they were imported into.
Thus, when faced with this dilemma, go into the Outlook of the user who needs to have their mail shared out.

1. Go to File --> Import and Export. Choose Export to a File, then choose Personal Folder File (.pst)
Then you wil be asked which folders are to be exported. Choose the correct folder - make sure you tick the box which says "Include Subfolders".

2. Then you wil be asked for a location to save the file. It can be anywhere you can easily access it.

3. Then, in Outlook, delete the folders which you just exported.

4. Now create a folder to act as the parent folder for those folders we exported before. IMPORTANT: make sure you seet the correct permission on this parent folder BEFORE you import your folders. Otherwise, all this work will be for nothing.

5. Once the permissions are set correctly, then go to File --> Import and Export.
Choose "Import from a file...", then choose Personal Folder File (.pst). Browse to where you saved the .pst file and open it.

6. You will be shown a preview of the folders before they're imported. At this point, make sure you select "Import Subfolders".

You will also be asked about whether to import into the current folder OR whether you want to import into the main mailbox - it's up to you.

Do whatever you need to get the folder back into the right place.

Once the folders are back in place, you may need to click on them, or even check the permissions to make sure they are applied ok.

Now you should have correct permissions in order to enable access to that user's mail.

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