RHEL 6 ifconfig not managed by Network Manager

Hi Everyone,

Stumbled on this the other day - seems to be a bug with RHEL6 (and probably Centos 6 as well) where the LAN TCP/IP settings dont seem to apply when you want.

Follow up:

The initial symptom is where you go to System --> Preferences --> Network Connections and you try to configure an IP address - in my case, a static IP.

I found that changed settings didnt apply until I did a reboot.

When i tried the command

# service network restart

it would shut down the interface OK however it couldn bring them back up advising that ¨The device is not controlled by Network Manager¨

After doing a bit of reading, it seems other distros are affected as well.

The fix that worked for me was also a fix for a Ubuntu 11.1 user


Go to /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and edit that.

My file only had these lines


The Ubuntu user had a similar (but not the same) entry pointing to



that user subsequently changed the false statement to true and that worked for them.

Therefore, I added this line and it worked!


After that, i was able to issue the command:

# service network restart

and it was successful


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Comment from: Doug Charnley [Visitor]
Have been banging my head against this issue for weeks. It is Brill Thanks
18/05/13 @ 02:11

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